- laboratory/screening tests, environment, energy management

An integrated quality system on all company levels and in all business units are a matter of course and daily business.

We are approved by the LRQA to the latest IATF 16949 standards.



It is our explicit goal to integrate quality, environment and work safety in a lean and easily understandable bureaucratic system. Our trained teams, state-of-the-art methods of product and process monitoring and top-level quality management (QM) guarantee outstanding quality. Our lean management system and the continuous improvement process embedded in it contribute to the continuous optimisation of our processes.


Our state-of-the-art laboratory and testing facilities are used for full analysis and comprehensive corrosion testing. Our analytics provide a substantial contribution to the continuity of our processes. They support the monitoring of all coating parameters and serve to keep, monitor and guarantee the chemical balance.

The corrosion resistance of the material as well as the effectiveness of our coatings and surfaces are tested in corrosive environment. We use a wide range of national and international testing methods to check the effectiveness of our corrosion protection. Customer-specific requirements and the compliance with given standards are standard part of all initial sample inspection report and testing processes. We document the results professionally and systematically and validate them in round-robin tests. Our qualified employees in our in-house laboratories take care of a timely realization without long and costly transit.

Our corrosion and screening technologies at one glance:

  • salt spray test – DIN EN ISO 9227 SS, ASTM B117
  • industrial climate test – DIN 50018 KFW 2.0 S
  • waste water constant climate test – DIN EN ISO 6270-2 CH
  • corrosion alteration test – PV 1210
  • corrosion alteration test – VDA 621-415 / DIN EN ISO 11997/cyclus B
  • cross cutting test – DIN EN ISO 2409
  • X-ray fluorescence test (online set) - magnetic induction method
  • coating thickness screenig - eddy current method
  • metallographic cut
  • digital microscope/image processing to check for coating/material flaws
  • hull cell - electroplating test

We are well aware of our social responsibility toward the environment - environmental protection is provision for our future. Our operational environmental policy is based on our responsibility for correct ecological actions and the efficient allocation of resources. We use coating processes free of heavy metal and cyan and  reduce the application of solvents to continually optimize our ecological balance sheet.


In the energy-intensive surface coating industry it is vital to manage energy with utmost efficiency. At both sites we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001 and comply to all relevant norms in all operational areas.